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Medec was founded 30. April, 1988. Its purpose was and is to give collectors of orders, decorations and medals the possibility to meet with other aficionados and, most importantly, to exchange information. To that extent five times a year members receive a journal which contains studies, results of research and a range of information concerning official and non-official Belgian and foreign orders and decorations.
Contributions are always welcome but writers must be aware of copyrights and the use of sources (books, articles, official journal, websites,...) must be mentioned.


Meetings are held in De Cluyse, Kerhofblommenstraat 1 - 2170 Merksem.
Only members are admitted, but their families are welcome. If you want to attend a meeting without being a member al small fee is asked which will be settled when becoming a member that same day.
Fellow collectors gather on each meeting, knowledge is shared, pieces are compared and every time a small exhibition is held by one or more members. There are about 45 tables available for members who like to sell or swap their ODM items. As far as availability permits, every member is able to reserve a table after prior arrangement.
In November each year a phaleristic day is organized, starting at 10 AM with a lecture and an extensive exhibition. The subject is announced in advance. The "regular" meeting like the ones in February, April, June and September, takes place in the afternoon.


There are five magazines each year.
Magazines of fellow associations from around the world are available on each meeting as well as a library about all things ODM.
Everyone interested in phaleristics, collecting orders, decorations, medals and in the search and study of this broad topic is welcome. Not yet convinced? Why not pay us a visit and get acquainted with fellow collectors!

Medec society awards

In October 1998 the MEDEC committee announced the silver colored badge for its members sympathizers. It mentions the name of the society and 1988, the year of its establishment. It mesures 15 mm and is provided with a butterfly pin.
During the meeting of the committee on April 18, 1998, it is decided that a commemorative medal will be established for those members with a continuous 10 year membership. The first distribution is provided on November 21 of that year, the day of the tenth anniversary. De medal comes with a certificate.

The medal is of a round form, 30 mm in diameter, in patinated bronze with a pearl on top through which the rings goes that holds the ribbon. On the front side is a Maltese cross with in the lower arm the year 1988, year of establishment and the letters of the name MEDEC on and in between the three other arms. The field of the cross is grained. The back side is plane.
Design: Jeannine Jacobs.
Manufacturer: Mauquoy Medal Company, Grobbendonk.

The ribbon is 37 mm wide and watered cherry red colored. It was intended to have a ribbon in the same colour as the wrapper of the magazine but that didn't seem easy.
The ladies version of the medal has the ribbon in a bow, probably a first in Belgium.

During the same meeting it is decided to establish, beside the silver colored badge, a special badge in gold color for those members for an exceptional achievement or special service to the society. This badge also comes with a certificate.
It is of the same design as the silver colored badge.

The MEDEC committee decides in 2013 to establish a silver palm "25" to apply on the ribbon of the commemorative medal, awarded to all members with a continuous membership since 1988.
This palm will be awarded for the first time during the 25th anniversary of the society, to those who are a member for 25 years.

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